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"Alberto, thank you so much! You touched my heart."
Virtual Serenade Guest

The Virtual Serenades that are Taking the US/Latin America by Storm!

What will my virtual serenade look like? There’s something about music, your special song, or just the sound of a well-played violin that will tug your heart. Keeping in mind that everyone’s personality is unique; some are shy, some are more expressive, we can still say that typically, there is a lot of emotion involved when you serenade someone. Especially they are not expecting it. Expect a smile, shock, maybe even a tear or two. And who knows, those happy tears might just come from you.


Booking a serenade is pretty simple. Using our calendar tool below you will select your preferred date, time, answer questions about your event, and checkout easily. 

Our system will send you an e-mail confirming your event. Including your scheduled Zoom call log in details.

You will have the option to add their e-mails as you check out or you can forward them the information from the e-mail you receive. 

Hey! It’s your party and you can invite who you want to! Zoom allows us to have up to 99 people connected. So whether you are having an intimate moment with a special someone, a family reunion or a corporate event, there’s room for many. Please let everyone know to be there on time and to mute their microphones when they get there.

Yes, you must have Zoom on your phone or computer which is very easy to download.

Knowing that technical difficulties can occur. We always keep a specific amount of time between serenades. We will be calling you before the virtual event to make sure everything is working.

We know unexpected events can happen and would be happy to reschedule once free of charge. Please let us know at least 24 hours before hand so we can plan accordingly.

You can send us an e-mail to or call 832-856-6111.

Step 1 - Choose a Song Below, Name Your Song or Let Me Choose a Favorite for You

Song List
Autumn Leaves
All of me
Love story
Girl From Ipanema
My way
Don’t worry be happy
Olas y arenas
Entra en mi vida
No me toques
Happy Birthday
You Are So Beautiful
My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)
When We Were Young
You Raise Me Up
Thinking Out Loud
The Prayer
Amazing Grace
Como fue
Solamente una vez
Bésame mucho
Somos novios
Sabor a mí
Piel canela
La Comparsita
Verde Luz
Contigo Aprendí
La Vikina
El Danublio Azul (Vals)
María Cervantes
Cantares de Navidad
Mi Jaragual
Moliendo Café
Feliz Navidad

Step 2 - Book Your Date

Book your date through our calendar tool. When you book your date and time, our system will automatically send you an e-mail with the Zoom link for your special day. You will be asked to share your special guests’ e-mail if you want our system to invite them or you can forward the credentials via e-mail. Thank you and enjoy your serenade!

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